Survivor Companion Program

Franklin County LOSS Survivor Support

Suicide grief can be very unique from other types of losses. Often times suicide survivors feel isolated – like no one understands their grief.

Connecting with fellow suicide loss survivors who have a similar lived experience can be encouraging and provide a sense of “normalcy” in a very difficult grief journey.


LOSS exists to be an instillation of hope by companioning you as you integrate this loss into your life. We understand there is no “getting over” this tragedy.

  • The Survivor Companion Program gives you an opportunity to meet with a volunteer who has a similar lived experience.
  • These meetings are in public – often times over coffee.
  • The initial meeting is 60-90 minutes.
  • You can meet just one time or several times – it is entirely up to you. We do recommend meeting no more than once every few weeks.
  • Each volunteer has been interviewed, trained and has the lived experience of losing a loved one or close friend to suicide.
  • We do not want this to take the place of professional mental health assistance you may need. Many survivors have found having a peer(s) with a similar lived-experience as well as a mental health professional to speak with is very helpful.

Yes, I’d like to speak with a fellow survivor