• Goodnight Drey

    “Goodnight Drey.” Such a simple statement.  Such a powerful statement.  It sent me into tears Tuesday evening. Robbie and I attended our first Compassionate Friends group.  We liked it.  We plan to return. At the close of the meeting we all held hands and went around the circle and each one said goodnight to their […]

  • Lessons from my first Mother’s Day as a bereaved Mom.

    Well here I am already…. My second Mother’s Day since Drey died. I’m grateful for how fast time seems to be flying by. Every day brings me closer to seeing him again. Everyone handles grief their own unique way. Sometimes I hear people say Mother’s Day makes them sad because their Mom or child is […]

  • The balancing act of the mind after a suicide

    When dealing with a difficult, challenging situation I like to have as much information as possible. However that’s not how I’ve handled my baby’s death. There are plenty of details available. But some of them are locked away – in someone else’s mind, in an envelope, in Drey’s iPhone sitting safely on his dresser. It’s […]

  • “Good” days and bad days

    Today is a “good” day. It’s hard to say that – what kind of Mom has a “good” day when her son is gone? But for now the definition of “good” is different from what it used to be. In the beginning I had horrible minutes and barely survivable minutes. Then that changed to hours […]