• Four Ways to Honor Yourself and Your Loss During the Holidays

    by Jess Steinbrink MSW Intern at Franklin County LOSS The holidays are supposed to be a special time of year. A time for us to celebrate connections and traditions with our family and friends, reflect on the past year, and get excited for the year ahead. But when we’ve lost a loved one—especially to suicide—our […]

  • Befriending My Sorrow

    National Survivors of Suicide Day is this Saturday November 21st. It is always the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Senator Harry Reid championed the recognition of this day in 1999. He is a survivor of his father’s suicide. For the most part no one’s heard of this day… which is good. I never heard of it until a suicide […]

  • Forever Young

    Forever Young came out when Fred and I were just dating. I knew when I saw the video and listened to the lyrics that it would be a song I somehow sang to my child at their high school graduation. Well my singing was – and still is – horrific so instead it was Rod Stewart’s […]

  • A suicide survivor’s vacation

    Tomorrow I leave on a week-long vacation with a friend. I will rest. I will laugh. I will relax. But first I have to get there… First I have to get out that suitcase. (The one with the Orlando tags on it from our last vacation). First I have to pack those travel-sized toiletries. (But […]

  • Journey into 2015

    Grief is lonely. In my experience grief due to a suicide loss is especially isolating. It’s now been 2 1/2 years since my son died. I’m not sure if this is as good as it gets or perhaps there is more healing yet to come. I am both weaker and stronger than I ever imagined I’d […]

  • Living with guilt after suicide

    It’s my 3rd Christmas and there are still no Christmas decorations. Robbie didnt take issue with it until last weekend. He announced that next year we will decorate. When I consider the idea of it I’m not sure which is more gut wrenching – seeing, experiencing, feeling memories that I haven’t faced yet or living with […]